About The Cooking School

Elevate your cooking skills with hands-on lessons from award winning and competition winning BBQ pitmasters.


Class Schedules:

Friday   – 1pm - Until

  • Tips for Selecting and Buying Meat
  • Trimming Meat
  • Meat Injections
  • Cooking Times and Temps
  • Fire up the Pits
  • Dinner is provided

**Participants are welcome to stay at the school overnight with
the team to see the entire cook process or they can choose to
dismiss themselves at bedtime


Saturday 8am - 3pm

  • Breakfast Provided
  • Brief summarization of the overnight cook process
  • Wrapping meats
  • Preparing Meats for Turn In
  • Building Boxes
  • Finishing Touches







Optional Lodging Is Available. See Registration Page For Information.

Off-Site Lodging Is Available Nearby at Cane Creek
10 Minute Drive to Cooking School from the Campground.

Information Available Here

Big Show BBQ Cooking School

PO Box 3182

Eureka, NC 27830



Fax: (888) 280-3601